Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Getting Started with PD Life

Thank you for downloading PD Life

Now that PD Life is installed on your device, there is a little setup required in order to get the most out of it. We will start by setting up your med schedule.

1. Setting up your med schedule

Setting up your med schedule is PD Life is very important. Not only does it enable PD Life to be able to alert you when your meds are due, it also allows the app to monitor your adherence to the schedule, as well as track the effect the meds are having on you over time.

To add a med, select the Meds tab (at the bottom of the screen) and scroll through the list until you find your med. If you med isn't in the list, or if you prefer to call it something else, see below.

When you have located your med, tap it and you will be taken to the dose schedule for that med. Each med can have its own dose schedule, which can repeat any number of days and occur many times in the same day. PD Life will automatically group meds due at the same time into one alert to make taking meds very easy.

Select 'Mirapex' for this example, and tap Add a dose on the schedule screen.

PD Life asks for three pieces of information, the dosage (in milligrams), how often it repeats and at what time in the day you are expected to take the med. If your med doesn't repeat every day, PD Life will also ask you when you should take your next med (i.e. today, tomorrow etc.) so that it knows exactly when to alert you.

Set the time by sliding the rollers up and down and tap Done when you're ready, and you will be taken back to the schedule screen for that med.

If you take a med many times in the same day, you can easily add additional doses by tapping Add additional dose.

For example, if you need take a med three times a day, read our Tutorial.

Q: What if one of my meds is not in the list?
If something you take isn't in the list (or if you prefer to call it something else), you can add it using the Add button (located at the top right of the screen) on the Meds menu. Just enter the name of your med and click Save. You will then be able to add doses for that med.

2. Tell me how you feel

Part of the power of PD Life is its ability to track how you are feeling in relation to when you are taking meds. This information can be very useful for your doctor and potentially more useful when contributed to the anonymous data project (more on that below.)

The Tracker screen is made up of three parts. At the top is an ON / OFF switch where you tell PD Life whether you are on or off. Below that is a slider that allows you to give a little more detail about how you are feeling. You can just slide this with your finger to indicate whether you are feeling Very Bad (far left), Bad, OK (middle), Good, or Very Good (far right).

The bottom half of the screen is dedicated to tracking any Symptoms or Side effects you might be experiencing. Just tap the white boxes to reveal a list of common symptoms and side effects which you can tap to check and uncheck any that apply. You can also add your own using the Add button in the top right of the screen. To get back to the Tracker screen, use the buttons in the top right hand corner.

When you have updated how you are feeling, tap Save and get on with enjoying your life.

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